The standard Part B premium amount is $170.10 for 2022. Those in a higher income bracket could pay as much as $578.30 a month for Part B. Below, we’ll go over the standard Part B premium, the premium surcharge, how to pay your premium, and how to get help paying the monthly premium if you have a lower income.

Medicare Part B Premium in 2022

The 2022 Part B premium amount is $170.10. However, those with a modified adjusted gross income above a certain amount will pay an Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount.

Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount

Part B premium surcharges for higher-income beneficiaries only impact individuals with an income of more than $91,000. For couples filing jointly with an income above $182,000, you’ll notice a Part B premium surcharge.

What is the Hold Harmless Provision for Medicare?

If you’re protected by the hold-harmless provision, your premium won’t increase if the cost of living adjustment amount isn’t enough to cover the premium increase. The premium increase instead becomes the same as your Social Security benefits increase.

Hold Harmless won’t apply to you if:

For those subjected to the Part B late enrollment penalty, your penalty will increase since the penalty is calculated based on the current premium.

How Do I Pay My Medicare Part B Premium?

If you receive benefits from Social Security, Railroad Retirement Board, or the Office of Personnel Management, then your premium for Part B is automatically deducted before benefits are deposited.

How Do I Pay My Medicare Part B Premium if I’m Not on Social Security?

If you’re not collecting Social Security benefits, you’ll receive a bill for your Part B premium. This bill is called a Medicare Premium Bill. You can also select to have the Part B premium deducted from an annuity.

You can pay directly from a bank account by utilizing your online bill payment service. If you aren’t comfortable with that you can pay by check, money order, credit as well as a debit card.

You can do this by simply sending the payment to Medicare Premium Collection Center. PO Box 790355. St.Louis, MO 63179-0355

If the credit or debit card you use only has month and year, leave the day field blank on the payment coupon.

You must submit payments with the form filled out on the bottom. When the bottom portion is incomplete, payment may not be processed.

Be sure to sign the payment form before submitting it to the address above.

Can I Get Help Paying My Medicare Part B Premium?

For those with limited incomes or resources, you could qualify for Extra Help from your state. Extra Help will help in paying for Part B and/or Part A premiums.

Does the Medicare Part B Premium Change Every Year Based on Income?

Medicare premiums are calculated based on MAGI, which is your modified adjusted gross income. If your MAGI from two years prior is $91,000 or less when filing individually, or under $182,000 when filing jointly, then you’ll only need to pay the standard Part B premium of $170.10. If you’re a higher-income earner, you’ll see an increase between $68-$368.20 per month, depending on your income bracket.

Does Everyone Pay the Same for Medicare Part B?

No, each beneficiary will have a Part B premium that’s based on their income. As long as your modified adjusted gross income from two years prior was $91,000 or less when filing individually or equal to or less than $176,000 when filing jointly, you’ll pay the standard premium.

Do You Pay the Part B Premium with Medicare Advantage?

You must still pay your Part B premium, even when you enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan. When you see “zero-premium Medicare Advantage” plans, you’re still responsible for the monthly premium.

Who Qualifies for Free Medicare Part B?

Nobody qualifies for free Medicare Part B. The only part of Medicare that is free is Part A as long as you paid into it enough quarters.

What is the Standard Medicare Part B Premium for 2022?

The standard Part B premium for 2022 is $170.10.

What If Your Medicare Premium is Late?

Medicare will send you a second bill to remind you to pay the premium. If you avoid paying the premium by the due date of the second bill, a delinquent bill will be sent out. If you avoid paying the delinquent bill, you’ll lose Medicare coverage.

How to Get Help Paying Cost-Sharing Under Part B

There are many out of pocket costs left up to the beneficiary to pay when it comes to Part A & Part B. Supplemental Medicare plans help pay for out of pocket costs such as coinsurance, and deductibles. We can help you enroll in one that will help you pay for most, if not all, of your cost-sharing. Give us a call, or complete our rate comparison form to see what options are available in your area now.